As you start with Whole Body Cryotherapy, we have created packages to help maximize your results and your budget.
The packages listed below are general recommendations.  Dr. Gray will work with you to find the best plan to suit your specific needs.

Call or email Dr. Gray with your questions.

Purchase a package online to book your appointment or call us to schedule and you can purchase at the time of your visit.


Step 1:

Intro Offer

$20 for 1 session

$40 for 2 sessions

Step 2:

 Recommended for ALL clients – the freeze week or monthly package is  the BEST way to get the full benefit and tends to reduce the number of sessions needed to maintain results.

Freeze week
(avg cost per visit: $27.50)
Fastest way to see if the treatments will be right for you. Clients with injuries often start here. Maximum of 10 treatments that must be used within 7 days of first visit.

Monthly Max
(avg cost per visit: $14.52)
 For client’s looking for relief from chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain and auto-immune diseases.Also suggested for pre and post surgery and those looking for a boost in collagen and weight loss. Maximum of 31 treatments in 31 days that can be used in any combination of single or double treatments. 

*Upgrade from Freeze Week to Monthly Max
(avg cost per visit: $8.33)
For clients who complete a freeze week but want to continue the boost. Additional 21 treatments for 21 days. Even if clients do not complete the full 21 additional treatments, it is still a GREAT deal!


Step 3:

After completing Monthly Max,
we recommend maintenance packages to continue to feel benefits.

4 Treatment Maintenance
average of 1 per week
(avg. cost per visit: $30.00)

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8 Treatment Maintenance
average of 2 per week
(avg. cost per visit: $24.38)

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16 Treatment Maintenance
average of 4 per week
(avg. cost per visit: $20.31)

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Monthly Max AUTOPAY
(avg. cost per visit: $13.71)

Same package as the Monthly Max however clients are required to put their account on Auto-Pay for a minimum of 3 months



For clients who want a quick relief from workouts, races, jet lag, hang over, the holidays, etc.

Recover Package
(avg. cost per visit: $30.00)
Maximum of 4 treatments in 4 days. Clients may decide to do 2 days of double treatments or 4 days of single treatments, or any combination they choose.

Additional Packages

These packages can be shared with family and friends and  payments can be made  on these packages if you do not wish to pay the full cost upfront.

***All Step 2 and Step 3 packages contain a maximum number of visits and expire in 31 days. These packages are unable to be placed on hold or extended.  Step 3 packages  can not be shared with other clients.***

Additional Treatment Packages do not expire.

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