Local Cryotherapy

Localized Cryotherapy is a natural, safe and efficient way to target specific areas of injury, pain and inflammation in the body. Local Cryo uses cryostimulation to trigger the body’s natural defense system to promote improved blood circulation containing oxygen and nutrients necessary to speed up the healing process and eliminate chronic inflammation that can be damaging to the body.

A reduction in inflammation takes the pressure off joints or the injured area which also helps in pain reduction. Localized Cryotherapy is more effective and efficient than localized ice because of the systemic effects achieved. Local Cryo triggers several systemic biochemical reactions that boost endorphins and production of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is, among many systemic processes, responsible for the analgesic affect achieved during the localized cryotherapy treatment. Cryostimulation improves lymph and blood microcirculation, providing increased oxygenation and nourishment of the skin and subdermic tissue.

Benefits of Local Cryotherapy

  • Addresses targeted areas of pain, injury, inflammation
  • Reduces pain in a specific area
  • Stimulates collagen (face, joints)
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Reduces cellulite

*These statements have been reported by users of the treatment. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Local FAQ

How many treatments do I need for an injury?

While everyone is different, the following can be referenced as general recommendations.
There should be an immediate relief of the area after 1 treatment. A single session is treating the acute symptoms of the affected area. A chronic situation will require additional treatments. The severity and chronicity of the injured area will dictate the number of treatments necessary. Typical protocols depend on how long the pain subsides after the initial treatment to dictate the number of treatments necessary. If the pain only subsides for a few hours, a more extensive protocol will be necessary because of the severity and chronicity of the injury. If the pain subsides for several days, only 1-2 additional follow up treatments may be necessary. We suggest either the RECOVER (4 treatments in 4 days) or REPAIR (10 treatments in 3 weeks). ***With the REPAIR package we suggest daily if possible but give the client 3 weeks to do because of scheduling.

IF ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU CANNOT ANSWER OR FEEL THAT THE CLIENT WOULD BE MORE COMFORTABLE CONSULTING/SPEAKING WITH “THE DOCTOR”, PLEASE have them call or email or you call or email Dr. Gray for the treatment protocol that is best for them. She can be reached at the office, via phone at 610-341-9300 or email at drgray@restorecryosauna.com.

How many treatments do I need to see the benefits on my face?

This information should be considered a general recommendation. For acne, we recommend 3-4 treatments per week for a month and then 1-2 treatments per month as maintenance.

For beauty goals, you will feel great after the first treatment and probably feel your pores have tightened. Many people actually use the treatment right before they go out at night or before an event where they want to look their best. The great news is that you can get ready to go out, pop in for a treatment and be on your way looking and feeling great!
You should start to notice a visible difference in the quality of your skin after 4-5 treatments. You are going to start to see a difference in the hydration of your skin, fine lines fading, redness fading, collagen boostingAfter about 10treatments friends and family will be asking you for your secret!

We recommend that you do 10 treatments in 3 weeks to get the REJUVENATION boost. We offer a package for you to achieve this called REJUVENATE.. It is 10 sessions in 3 weeks.

The number of treatments necessary depends on a variety of factors including the goal of the treatments as well as other factors such as diet, age, sun exposure, etc. Please consult with Dr. Gray for the treatment protocol that is best for you. She can be reached at the office, via phone at 610-341-9300 or email at drgray@restorecryosauna.com

How many sessions do I need to do to maintain the benefits once I do the REJUVENATE?

It really depends per person depending on your lifestyle habits.. If you maintain a healthy, anti-inflammatory lifestyle, you might only need 1 a month. If, you aren’t or are somewhere in between, you might need 1 a week. Our suggestion is that you start with the REJUVENATE and then see when you start to notice the results starting to fade.. We also have the REFRESH for special events, vacations, or occasional REFRESH boost.

Should I do local treatments or Whole Body?

Ideally, you should do both. If you have a particular area of interest (an injury, facial beauty), we recommend that you do one Whole Body treatment followed by a localized treatment of that area. This takes Whole Body treatments to another level. The WBC treatments are going to provide the overall systemic benefits and the local will target your area of interest.

When you should do local cryotherapy only:

  • You can’t tolerate WBC
  • You cant stand in the chamber
  • You aren’t tall enough to stand in the chamber
  • You have a contraindication for the WBC such as a heart condition
  • You are interested only in the facial beauty benefits

What should I bring for a local cryotherapy treatment?

Depending on the area of treatment, you should wear comfortable, loose clothing so that it is easy to expose the area of treatment. We provide gowns to make it easy for you.

What should I expect during a local cryotherapy session?

You should expect to be able to relax. The local treatment will feel slightly cold in the area being treated. Sessions typically last between 10-12 minutes.

My area of interest doesn’t take the full 10-12 minutes. Is it less expensive?

Our pricing is for up to 12 minutes of treatment. If for example, someone only wants to do a hand or a wrist and that takes only 4 minutes, suggest working their forearm if a wrist injury, or do the other hand, or a few minutes on their head or face.

Packages/ pricing?

REJUVENATE 10 sessions to be used in 3 weeks for $275 (avg. $27.50 per treatment)
REFRESH 4 sessions in 4 days for $120 (avg.$30 per treatment)

***these are similar to the WBC recommendations we suggest to get started. FREEZE WEEK and RECOVER.

Local and WBC can be used interchangeably for the following packages:

$40 per treatment

5        $200 ($40 avg. per treatment—really just to prepay so don’t have to pay every time come in)

10        $350 ($35 avg. per treatment)

20        $600 ($30 avg. per treatment)

40        $1000 ($25 avg. per treatment)

This means they can use them in any combination such as 15 WBC and 5 local or 10 WBC and 10 local.

Other packages:
Revenate 10 treatments in 3 weeks. $275

Refresh 4 treatments in 4 days. $120

How long per treatment?

Depends on the body part. Each ‘session,’ purchased will get through about 10-12 minutes of freezing. The less fat the less amount of time needed for the body part. The ‘hand,’ setting is about four minutes long whereas the thigh is 12 min. The rest of the time can be filled with treatment of any other body part of your choosing.

Can I share my Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) package with one for local treatment?
Yes, all packages may be shared between WBC and local services, EXCEPT for the FREEZEWEEK and MONTHLY packages.

Is there a local version of FreezeWeek?

Facials suggestions

Take your contacts out.
No jewelry/metal in the area of treatment.
Remove metal from hair.

Are the benefits different than the WBC benefits?

Yes. The WBC treatment is a systemic, full body, inside out approach. Local targets a specific body part. That body part will experience the benefits of decreased inflammation.

If I have medical contraindications that prevent me from using WBC, can I use the local machine?Ex: Heart condition, hypertension, currently undergoing cancer treatment?

The only contraindications are if a woman is pregnant, you should not have a treatment in the abdomen area.

Can I do two local treatments per day, like WBC?

You can do as many local spot treatments as you want, but only 1 per body part per day. You can also do one WBC treatment and 1 spot treatment per body part.


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